Customized services in diversified sectors

BSOFFSHORE has been providing diversified services for the past few years. With the growing economy the need for diversification has also become mandatory. Having successfully provided services in metrology and instrumentation we have entered into instrument calibration and HVAC sectors. We understand that customer satisfaction is the most important factor needed to run any business.


We provide the following services:

Calibration clamp meter with clamp coil adaptor


Calibration: Recently the country has seen a sudden spurt in the construction of engineering and manufacturing industries. These industries have many instruments to measure temperature, pressure and dimensions etc. These instruments need accurate calibration so as to provide precise readings. We provide onsite, in lab calibration of all types and makes of instruments.


HVAC: In today’s world energy conservation is mandatory. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system should be maintained well so as to conserve energy. We provide repair, maintenance and sales of HVAC equipment.

Industrial Air Conditioning Repair
Industrial Air Conditioning Repair

Marine Equipment:

Marine Equipment: Being an important industry marine industry demands proper calibration of all instruments. These instruments play a major role in maintaining the safety of vessels. We provide calibration, repair, maintenance and sales of marine equipment.

Gage block for calibration dimension equipment

Rental equipment:

Rental equipment: This is our new venture. If you are in need of any equipment just call us (+65) 6458 4411 We rent out all kinds of machinery and equipment at reasonable charges.

We are into diversified business. Be assured of customized services.
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