Ensure the quality of the industrial instruments by calibrating them accurately.

Every organization has instruments that measure different aspects like pressure, temperature and electrical impulses. It is very important that these instruments are calibrated well so as to give accurate readings. Good measurement and accurate readings speak well about the quality of the instrument. This is where BS OFFSHORE can help you. We are calibration experts whose technical acumen, passion for the job and updated knowledge has proved to be our strong forte and have paved way to success.

Pressure Calibration: We offer onsite and in office calibration services of all pressure instruments like industrial pressure gauge, pressure monitors, dead weight testers, digital pressure monitors and barometers.


Electrical Calibration: – We provide calibration services to a wide range of electrical instruments like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Vibration meters, digital or analog meters, oscilloscope, sound level meter and other electrical devices.

Temperature Calibration: – We understand how accurate temperature measurement is crucial to many industries. We provide calibration to temperature measuring instruments like thermometers, freezers, ovens, autoclave, furnaces, incubators and humidity meters.

All our calibrations come from well equipped laboratories and are ISO conformed. Call us (+65) 6458 4411 or email us nautical@bsoffshore.com if you need an onsite or in office calibration of your industrial instruments.
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