All of us know that pests are trouble makers. But how do pests enter our homes and offices? Yes, sometimes they enter through badly maintained HVAC systems. If they enter your homes or offices they may cause damage not only to the equipment but also to your health. In this blog we will see what the damages are.
The damages caused are:

• Some major components get damaged and need immediate replacement. This becomes an expensive affair.
• Once your system is damaged, then the equipment loses its resale value.
• Till the components are replaced you are not able to enjoy the comfort.
• Dead or pest or pesticide will damage the indoor air quality. This may cause allergy, throat irritation, redness of eyes and breathing disorders.

So it becomes very important that your HVAC system is maintained well. Most of the service providers give AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). If you enter a contract with the service providers, they check the equipment every year and keep it trim and proper.
Maintain HVAC system well and enjoy the comforts it provides.

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